Natalie Griffith

Stained Glass Artist

Art Mediums: Stained Glass, Fiber Arts


About the Artist

Natalie enjoys exploring many different art mediums. Her current focus is stained glass, but her first love is fiber arts. Growing up on an alpaca farm provided Natalie with the skills and resources to take fleece directly from the animals, spin it into yarn, and either knit, weave, or felt it into a finished item. Natalie has taken many glass classes at the PA Guild of Craftsmen in Lancaster, PA. Without the guild, she would never have fallen down the rabbit hole of stained glass. She has also taken many intensive week long classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, in a variety of subjects that include blacksmithing, enameling, jewelry, glass, fiber arts, and even furniture making. When she is not crafting, she is busy in her garden. Nature provides much of the inspiration for her work.