Marcie Tauber

Glass Artist

Art Mediums: Fused Glass

Business: Inspirations In Glass

Phone: (302) 383-1006

Studio Address: Wilmington, DE

Facebook: @InspirationsInGlass
Instagram: @MarcieTauber

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

About the Artist

I spent a career in Information Technology without thinking of myself as an artist. When remodeling our kitchen 20 years ago, I learned how to make stained glass panels to enhance a cabinet door. I discovered a love of glass and the many forms it can take. As a result, I explored fusing glass.

As a fused glass artist, I take much of my inspiration from the glass itself, from the shapes that have been formed when the glass has been heated, from the colors that result when glass fragments overlap on my work table. I use this often surprising result to influence me, and to give new ideas on my original intentions.

I am delighted when the glass and the light come together well. I want the viewer of each piece to share in that delight. I know that he or she may see something unexpected and that his perspective may be different from mine, and I welcome that. No two people will experience the piece the same way.

My work has recently been on display at the Wilmington Siegel JCC Art Space, the Delaware Division of the Arts Mezzanine Gallery, and the Delaware Archives.