We're A Non-Profit Arts Organization

The First State Craft Guild (FSCG) is made up of potters, painters, photographers, paper crafters, jewelers, woodworkers, glass artists, and so many others who create and appreciate fine craft.

Founded in Delaware in 2019, the FSCG is a non-profit organization which encourages and promotes the practice of fine craft and art, provides educational opportunities for the public through shows and fairs, and preserves and advances our creative culture through crafts.

We Meet Monthly & Virtually

Meetings are held monthly (see Events page for details). All are welcome to attend! The first meeting is  free to non-members, after that, meetings are still free but you must be a registered member. Join here!

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

As a chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, the FSCG shares the mission of that organization to create opportunities for traditional and contemporary artisans, craft enthusiasts, and collectors through education, advocacy, and community.

Our Executive Committee

Marcie Tauber - President - First State Craft Guild

Marcie Tauber

Guild President


The FSCG President is an ex-officio member of all guild committees who presides at all meetings of the guild and the Executive Committee. They direct and coordinate guild activities and their term of service is limited to two consecutive one-year terms.

Patricia Whitman - Vice President - First State Craft Guild

Patricia Whitman

Guild Vice President


The FSCG Vice President performs all of the duties of the President in the event of their absence and in general represents guild as directed by President. They serve as Chairman of the By-Laws Committee and are elected to a one-year term.

Tracy Allen - Guild Secretary - First State Craft Guild

Tracy Allen

Guild Secretary


The Secretary records, maintains, and distributes guild meeting minutes to all members and they maintain the ‘Policies & Procedures Manual’ and provides access when requested. They also maintain the membership roster and are elected to a one-year term.

Natalie Griffith - First State Craft Guild

Natalie Griffith

Guild Treasurer


The FSCG Treasurer collect and deposits all monies of the guild and they pay the expenses of the guild as approved by the Executive Committee. They maintain a summary document of all financial activities and are elected to a one-year term.

A Preview of our Members

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