Olga Ganoudis

Jewelry Artist

Art Mediums: Sterling, Copper, and Gemstones

Business: Olga Ganoudis Designs

Email: olga@olgaganoudis.com
Phone: (302) 507-6300

Studio Address: 1313 N. Scott Street, Wilmington, DE 19806

Facebook: @olgaganoudisdesign
Instagram: @olgaganoudis
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/olgaganoudis


Delaware Art Museum

Artist Statement

The integration of form, textures and the use of color play an integral part in the design of my jewelry. Combining these elements, I try to evoke the feeling of the past with the use of various symbolic shapes and the surface patina whether it takes the form of a bracelet, earring or necklace.

From the very beginning there has been an alluring aspect about texture that has influenced my work. Considering the important role that the surface can play in jewelry it is natural for me to focus on this area of design. The juxtaposition of a hard grainy texture next to the smooth surface of a pearl helps me develop the visual stimulus that I am looking for.

Fundamental forms are born from organic or biomorphic shapes. From here, the integration of line and stones or glass evolves into my unique jewelry design.Patina is the final stage of definition in the evolution of my work. It acts as the catalyst and enhances the textures, shapes and stones. It solidifies the look I am attempting to achieve.