Nancy Pinson


Art Mediums: Watercolor, Pen, Ink, Pencil, Pastels, Photography

Business: Pinson Prints


Instagram: @NJPinson

About the Artist

I have been drawing and painting since I was a young child, influenced by my mother who was a painter. My only training was in high school where I took art as an elective each of the 4 years. While in college, I did pen & ink drawings of the buildings on campus, as well as sketches of my friends. As a young mother in Aiken, South Carolina, I did pen & ink drawings of historical sites in the town which I sold in the form of notecards and watercolor tinted prints, as well as drawings/watercolors of people’s homes. I continued this when we moved to Orange, Texas. While my career was in information systems, I continued to draw throughout the years. In my retirement, I have studied watercolor painting on my own and painted mostly from our world travels. My style has traditionally been realistic but most recently I have been working on developing skills in abstract painting. In 2018, I illustrated a children’s book, “Spell-Bound Puddles!”, written by Susan Matthias. It is currently for sale in paperback on Amazon.